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Moon Phases & Personalities

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The Moon waxes and wanes in a pattern that is familiar to us all. If you watch the Moon over consecutive nights, you will see the changes in shape and size that are taking place. There are eight Moon phases, with each phase lasting approximately three-and-a-half days. The phase that was occurring at your time of birth is indicative of certain aspects of your personality. Each Moon phase is calculated by looking at the relationship between the Sun and Moon. The eight phases are listed below, along with the traits each promotes.

New Moon - The New Moon is found when it conjuncts the Sun exactly (0 degrees) up until it is 45 degrees ahead of the Sun. Those who were born under a New Moon are initiators. They like to set goals, as they enjoy starting new projects, but don't always have the discipline to complete them. They are enthusiastic, optimistic and trusting. They can also be quite emotional and self-absorbed. Often the Sun and Moon will be in the same sign here. If the sign is a yin sign, then the person's inner life will be important to them. If the sign is a yang sign, the person's outer life will take precedence. Challenges are necessary for them to grow.

Crescent Moon - The Crescent Moon is found 45 - 90 degrees ahead of the Sun. Those born under a Crescent Moon are usually self-assertive and have a desire for action. They are driven to achieve and have a deep seated self-belief. However, at times, these people can struggle with moving into the unknown as they also have a love of the familiar. Crescent Moon people can struggle with forming clear goals. Once they establish direction, however, they can move ahead quite quickly. They can sometimes be overwhelmed by past negative experiences. These people need to retreat and regroup when experiencing overwhelm, so that they can then move forward again in a confident manner.

First Quarter Moon - The First Quarter Moon is located 90 - 135 degrees ahead of the Sun. Those born under this phase of the Moon are motivated types who like to build foundations for their future. They are ambitious and often good at tackling obstacles. First Quarter Moon types often find themselves in the right place at the right time. A crisis can be the turning point for stepping out into the world. Because there is a challenging relationship between the Sun and Moon, there can be an internal conflict, with emotions and achievement both fighting for full expression. This Moon phase can often be very sensitive to any issues between his/her parents and may subconsciously act these out. Finding a niche in life is important to these people.

Gibbous Moon - The Gibbous Moon is 135 - 180 degrees ahead of the Sun. These people like causes and are very social minded. Conscious personal growth is important. These people can be quite intuitive and understand the concept of 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' very well. This Moon phase is less driven than the first three phases. There is a feeling of knowing the self and what it wants, with the Gibbous Moon. Those born under this Moon phase have the ability to persevere in order to fulfil their dreams. They are also able to learn from their mistakes and move on. Feedback from others is important, as it helps them remain objective.

Full Moon - The Full Moon is found when it is in exact opposition to the Sun and lasts up to until it is 135 degrees behind the Sun. The Moon is at its fullest and brightest during this phase. Those born under it loom larger than life. Recognition of achievement is important to them. Full Moon people learn through their actions. They may experience many extremes throughout their life. People in their life may act as mirrors for them, reflecting feelings and behaviours that they cannot see in themselves. Often there is drama and crises in the lives of those born under a Full Moon. These people can be highly creative, expressive and motivated. Self-esteem may fluctuate until they learn to embrace their own feelings.

Disseminating Moon - This Moon phase is recognised when the Moon is 135 - 90 degrees behind the Sun. Those born under a Disseminating Moon phase are very practical and enthusiastic people, who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. They are crusader types who learn best from personal experiences. These people are often teachers or coaches. There can be a feeling of wanting to always be in the right. Those born under a Disseminating Moon have great communication skills, but need to be careful that they don't spread themselves too thinly. They have a strong ability to motivate others.

Last Quarter Moon - The Last Quarter Moon phase is when the Moon is 90 - 45 degrees behind the Sun. These people have strong principles and always seem to do things the hard way. They question and challenge the status quo, as their strong beliefs don't always match those of society. They are made up of a paradoxical combination of the traditional and the innovative, making them hard to understand at times. These people are on a quest for the meaning of life. There is a challenge to balance the inner world with the outer, as usually one will donate the other. Last Quarter Moon people grow and change through facing the challenges that life throws at them.

Balsamic Moon - This Moon phase is seen when the Moon is 45 degrees behind the Sun up until the New Moon. Those born under a Balsamic Moon phase are often very intuitive and have a strong sense of destiny. There is a strong sense of not belonging and solitude can be common. The inner life takes precedence over the outer world. This is the most spiritual of al the Moon phases and those born under the Balsamic Moon phase are often religious or highly spiritual. This is usually not expressed, unless they feel forced. Growth is often achieved through painful and challenging experiences.

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