Pandorascopes for May 2022

Updated: May 30

The stars and planets are a wonderful guide for us here on earth. The movement of the planets can impact not only us personally, but also on a global scale. The following is a brief summary of the movements of the planets for the month of May.

May starts with the New Moon Eclipse (Solar Eclipse) in Taurus on the 1st. This New Moon involves the planet Uranus, so the potential for sudden change under this eclipse is high. Venus moves into Aries on April 3rd, the sign of its detriment. Mercury commences its retrograde phase on May 10th and retrogrades from Gemini to Taurus on May 23rd. May 11th brings the movement of Jupiter into the sign of Aries. The Full Moon Eclipse (Lunar Eclipse) in Scorpio occurs on May 16th. Saturn squares the Sun & Moon during this time, bringing the potential for karma to be healed and released. The Sun changes sign into Gemini on the 21st, encouraging new ideas and connections. Mars joins Venus in Aries on May 25th. May 30th brings the second New Moon of the month, this time in Gemini. It will occur at 9.30pm AEST @ 9 degrees 03 minutes of Gemini and brings additional energy for manifesting your dreams.

Read below to find out what the planets have in store for your sign this month.