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Understanding the Libra's in Your Life

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

If one of your parents is a Libra, you will most likely have been brought up to keep the peace. They will like pleasant surroundings where they can relax and unwind. These parents also like to spend time talking with others, preferably in small groups where they can connect more one-on-one. These parents may encourage the creativity of their children and will be their biggest supporters. Although children will be important to these parents, their partner is the main focus of their life. Libra parents love being in a relationship and will always make time for their partner. Romance will be an important part of their life.

If your partner is a Libra, he or she will be a real romantic. Candlelight dinners, flowers, strolls along the beach - expect it all! Libra's love connection with others and being in a relationship is their ultimate pleasure. Libra is an air sign, so long talks about anything and everything will be enjoyable for them. Although sociable, your Libra partner will prefer hanging out with small groups of friends rather than at a large party. Dressing well is something that comes naturally to him/her - looking good gives them confidence.

Libra children like to have a playmate from a young age. They don't do so well on their own. They are little romantics and will love to spend time in peaceful surroundings. These children usually keep their rooms tidy as a general rule, as they don't particularly like being in a mess. They will probably have a strong dress sense and instinctively know what suits them. Jewellery will be a favourite adornment. Beware of a sweet tooth, as these kids are ruled over by Venus one of the more indulgent planets. Be very patient with these children if they need to make a decision, as they will weight up their choices very carefully.

Your Libra friends are sociable and fun. They are the friends that are always up for a chat and happy to meet up. Relationships will be a hot topic for them, as will fashion. Shopping may be a favourite pastime for these folk. If you go out for a bite to eat, expect to go somewhere with ambience, as Libra's (like their Taurus sisters) like the whole dining experience. Romantic comedies will be the popular choice when watching a movie together. Never leave a Libra friend out of the loop as they will feel disconnected and rejected. They need to feel connected to others as it gives them a sense of completion.

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