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Many women are aware of their potential to fall pregnant around the time of ovulation. But there is another fertile time that many women don’t realise they have - this is the time when the moon returns to the same phase as it was when you were born.


This method, called the Jonas method (named after the man who discovered this concept), has been used by many women trying to fall pregnant with great success. It’s not widely promoted, however, so many women aren’t aware that they potentially have a few extra days up their sleeve each month when trying to conceive. For example, if a woman was born under a Full Moon, she would then have an increased chance of conceiving whenever the Full Moon phase occurred. 


There are eight lunar phases (New, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Last Quarter and Balsamic). These phases are cyclical and recur each month. Each phase lasts approximately 3-and-a-half days. 


To find out your lunar phase, you need to calculate the distance between the Sun and the Moon at the time of your birth. Once you know which of the eight phases you were born under, you then need to find out when that particular phase is active each month in order to be able to utilise the lunar energy. Most astrologers with good software can do this for you - information is specific, giving dates and exact times of phase commencement. 


For women with irregular menstrual cycles, the lunar fertility method can be very helpful, as it is predictable.


This booklet consists of twelve months of calendar dates highlighted to indicate your additional fertile days. It also includes a copy of your birth chart, a fully personalised interpretation of your very own mothering style and your compatibility with each of the zodiac signs. You also recieve a bonus discount code for a Child's Natal Chart Booklet to assist with parenting your baby through their birth chart.


Delivery options:

  • PDF format sent via email once the chart is completed
  • Printed for collection from Witch & Willow in Warners Bay NSW
  • Printed and posted to you within Australia or Internationally


Please make sure that you enter the correct birth details when you're checking out.

Journey to Motherhood Booklet

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