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A Solar Return chart is astrology speak for a birthday chart. It is calculated for when the Sun returns to the same sign, degree, minute and second as when you were born. (This is where the saying 'many happy returns' comes from). This chart provides themes for the upcoming 12 months from your birthday. You have a different Solar Return chart each year. 


The Solar Return chart delineation is typed out in booklet form so that it can be referred to throughout the year. It also makes the perfect gift. 


Delivery options:

  • PDF format sent via email once the chart is completed
  • Printed for collection from Witch & Willow in Warners Bay NSW
  • Printed and posted to you within Australia or Internationally


Please make sure that you enter the correct birth details when you're checking out, or send an email with the information you would like to be included in the Book. Correct and complete birth data is essential when ordering a Solar Return chart.  

Solar Return (Birthday) Chart

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