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Astrology for Freedom

Astrology is reading the impact of constellations, like those pictured here, on the development and lives of people.

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Connect with like-minded people via a private group. Grow and learn with monthly videos on what's happening in the cosmos and birth chart exploration.

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Balancing Your Heart   /   Mind /   Body  /   Spirit

Self-discovery  |  Raising Vibrations  |  Embracing Life

I can help you
Portrait of Kim Tennant from Pandoras Moon Astrology for Freedom

Creating a life of balance and flow through the language of the stars. 

Hi. My name is Kim and I am an astrologer, nurse and mother of two adult children. I am a lover of the moon and the stars and all things cosmic. I believe that life can be magical. I have the Sun in Sagittarius, which makes me a bit of a hippie at heart. I  use essential oils, colour therapy, yoga, good nutrition and of course, astrology, to keep my own life in balance. My Sag Sun also gives me a love of teaching. I love to share my knowledge with anyone on a journey of self-discovery.

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Welcome to my site. Click play on the video (sound on) to learn about why I think Pandora and hope are so relevant right now and the story behind Pandora's Moon.


Monthly horoscopes for your sun signs.

Get prepared for the month ahead with your astrological advice. 

Free blog posts and downloadable resources.

Astrology Dice
This is a picture of a practical astrology ritual using knowledge of the moon.

Creating personal freedom through self-knowledge and acceptance

Your birth chart is a map of the sky when you were born. The signs, planets and houses within the chart all combine to make up your own unique personality. The birth chart can provide information on your past life issues, your strengths & challenges, your relationships, your life direction and much more. ​

If you would like to gain some self-understanding and guidance, book for a Natal Chart Consultation. Alternatively, if you'd like to explore the current themes in your life, a Year Ahead Consultation can provide valuable insights. 


natal chart

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A personal roadmap for life can make the transition from birth to adulthood easier.

Your child's birth chart is a map that, when correctly interpreted, can be a guide for successful parenting. This booklet is a delineation of the birth chart, exploring each of the planets in detail as well as a general chart overview. It is typed out so that it can be referred to time and time again.

These booklets are beautifully crafted and make perfect gifts for newborns or parents wanting insight into their child. 

annual update
Rebirth Magazine logo

Rebirth Vade Mecum is a spiritual magazine that engages spiritual leaders and innovators to inspire readers and encourage them to expand their awareness and make inspirational changes in their own lives. I am honoured to be included as a guest author with an article on Bringing Flow into your life with the moon. Read the live magazine here.


"Wow!! Kim’s profile of me is so accurate and I relate to it so well, what a gift to have this knowledge. I find it so liberating and exciting to know why I am the way I am. This profile really does just completely make sense to me. Thank you."

Jocasta Maree (Angel Card Reader and Intuitive Coach)

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