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Planetary Joy - Finding Happy Planets in Your Chart

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

What is planetary joy? Planetary joy describes the placement of the planets in a birth chart, where they have a strong affinity. This gives the planet the power to fully express itself. Each planet (from the Sun to Saturn) have one house where they have their joy. The outer planets have no particular affiliation to any of the houses in this way, as the system was composed long before they were discovered.

The Sun finds its joy in the ninth house of the birth chart. The Sun is a diurnal (daytime) planet and so happily sits above the horizon. The Sun is our light and finds itself shining in the house of faith.

The Moon finds her joy in the house opposite the Sun, in the third house. This house is said to be the house of the goddess. The Moon is a nocturnal (nighttime) planet and so comfortable sits below the horizon in the realm of darkness.

Mercury finds its joy in the first house of the birth chart. Mercury is the planet that signifies the mind and it is comfortable here in the house of the persona. This placement of Mercury leads to a wonderful expression of the self.

Venus finds her joy in the fifth house of pleasure and romance. This is an incredibly creative placement. Venus is a nocturnal planet and is therefore in her joy under the horizon. She is also known as the lesser benefic, bringing good fortune when placed here.

Mars finds its joy in the sixth house, as it historically represents war and those who make trouble. This planet is known as the lesser malefic and with it placed in the sixth house, it can bring a focus on hard work by serving others, as well as illness. Mars is a nocturnal planet and so enjoys being in the darker sector of the chart.

Jupiter finds its joy in the eleventh house. Jupiter is known as the greater benefic and so finds itself in the house opposite its benefic partner, Venus. Jupiter is a diurnal planet and is comfortable in the light. The eleventh house with Jupiter placed here brings fortunate alliances and friendships.

Saturn finds its joy in the twelfth house of imprisonment and karma. Saturn is known as the greater malefic and is found in the opposite house to its malefic counterpart, Mars. It is a diurnal planet and so is comfortable above the horizon. With Saturn placed here, one can be one's own worst enemy.

So do you have any planets in joy in your birth chart? Take a look and see. How happy are your planets? Remember that as these planets transit through your chart throughout your life, they will land in the house of their joy. This will be a time of extra significance and opportunity, so remember to track them to make the most of the opportunities they may offer.

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