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The Lost Planets

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Unaspected planets are unintegrated. They have no influence on other planets and are not influenced by other planets. They often exhibit extremes. A planet is unaspected if it makes no Ptolomeic aspects to any other planet.

An inspected planet does everything by itself (it's lonely). It's a far-away piece of ourselves. We feel that we are never ready by a long shot to utilise the energy. If one little thing goes wrong, we blow it out of proportion.

We are constantly searching for the meaning of an unaspected planet (if we have one). Often people choose a profession that uses the energy of their unaspected planet or they use the energy in their daily lives.

There are often feelings of insecurity and a longing for something (but we don't know what)! There is a feeling of something missing within, but again, what it is remains hidden.

At times, unaspected planets will present as extremes or they will be absent. The energy can't be forced. It is pure. We need to learn to relate to the energy of our unaspected planet/s before we can fully utilise it.

Those with an unaspected Sun will have a strong need to seek their true essence. They have a need for identity. 'Who am I?' is a common question asked by these people. They may feel separate from others. Role playing is common. They may feel restless and insecure. They are always searching, but don't know what they are looking for. These people often have a powerful personality and may dominate others without realising it. They may have issues with a parent or play the parental role (usually the more dominant role). They may also have a close bond with a parent, usually the father. These people can make great leaders if they can overcome their insecurities and believe in their ability to take charge.

Those with an unaspected Moon find that their emotions and feelings will dominate the personality. They may feel an emotional lack at times. There will be a strong drive to find nurturing. They may feel unwanted and unloved. There can be insecurity within relationships. They may be very demanding within a relationship or they may avoid close relationships. When young, these people were often overprotected. Home and family connections may be so strong that it's unhealthy. Alternatively, home and family may have very little importance. There may be issues with a parent, most often the mother. Alternatively, they may have a close bond with the mother. If they can learn to understand and tap into their feelings, these people can be very nurturing and empathetic. A balanced emotional life is the challenge with an unaspected Moon.

Those with an unaspected Mercury find that the mind is seen as separate from the body. They may experience scattered thoughts, worry and nervousness. There is strong mental power and an ability to put mind over matter. These people may have a rational and critical mind. They may find it difficult to know when to stop communicating. They may also find it challenging to respond to others appropriately. There can be times when speech is confused. There can be a love of stationery to the point of obsession! These people have the potential for a brilliant mind and the ability to communicate well, if they just trust themselves.

Those with an unaspected Venus can experience material drives with no integrity. There may be a constant search for approval, reassurance, love and material wealth. There will be a constant search for the perfect partner. At times, relationships may seem unimportant. Women can be overly focused on their femininity. There may be feelings of always searching for something in a relationship (but not sure what). These people may also feel inferior to others, so self-worth issues often arise. If these people can accept love in all its forms and realise that no relationship is perfect, they may just realise that they already have what they are looking for.

Those with an unaspected Mars can have energy overload! They can be pioneering and adventurous. They aren't afraid to take risks. However, they may also have a lack of control and a demanding, primitive energy. They need freedom and space. They are independent and passionate. There may be an unsatisfying search for a male partner if the person is orientated toward men. There can be a 'me first' attitude. These people can be loud and restless. There is the potential for violence in the most extreme cases. There may be a problem with anything sharp and there may also be a problem with wasps. If these people can learn to harness this energy and focus it into a productive channel, there is no stopping them!

Those with an unaspected Jupiter in their chart have a feeling of never having enough. They are expansive and tend to exaggerate. They have a strong desire to experience life. They can be 'over the top'. These people have unbounded enthusiasm and optimism, sometimes dangerously so. They are extremely generous. They enjoy life unreservedly. They have good humour and often experience good fortune. However, they can also have overbearing attitudes and can be insensitive towards others. If they can learn to appreciate their good fortune and show their generosity towards those less fortunate, these people will be using this energy wisely.

Those with an unaspected Saturn have a strong need for security, safety, structure and form. They need routine and discipline. They can be demanding, manipulative and have a strong need for control. They often feel that life (and the people in their life) is never good enough. Their ability to enjoy life is restricted. There is a strong sense of duty and obligation. These people are high achievers and material success is important to them. There can be an inner sense of loneliness and guilt. These people can attract heavy responsibilities or they may have no sense of responsibility for themselves or others. They hate to grow up. Responsibility may feel threatening. If they can learn to structure their own life according to their needs and accept responsibility for themselves, these people have the ability to build a fulfilling life.

Those with an unaspected Uranus have a strong urge for originality and individuality. They can be unstable at times. They have the ability to be inventive. They may also enjoy making mischief at times.There is potential for genius with an unaspected Uranus. These people are drawn towards the bizarre and can be erratic in their behaviour at times. They may be a trendsetter and a leader of the pack. There is the potential for these people to be attracted to strange and grotesque members of society. These people may also be strong believers in anarchy. If they can embrace their own and others' differences, they have the ability to be compassionate members of society who can lead the way in acceptance of all.

Those with an unaspected Neptune may be extremely sensitive. There may be a sense of mystery about these people. Often they are very creative and the possibility of living in a fantasy world is high. Delusion is also a potential trait. These people may be prone to substance abuse as a way of escapism. They also have the potential to be proficient at meditation and often have the ability to connect to the spiritual realms. They may also be poetic and/or musical. If these people can connect to their higher self and listen to their intuition, they have the ability to be guided along the path they need to take in order to evolve this lifetime.

Those with an unaspected Pluto have submerged power. They have the potential to be self-destructive. Their power may be lethal. There is a deep rooted fear of losing a grip on life. There is an enormous need to be self-empowered. There is also a strong potential for self-transformation. If these people can tap into their own power for the good of others, they can be a wonderful force for positive change in the world.


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