The Lost Planets

Updated: May 4

Unaspected planets are unintegrated. They have no influence on other planets and are not influenced by other planets. They often exhibit extremes. A planet is unaspected if it makes no Ptolomeic aspects to any other planet.

An inspected planet does everything by itself (it's lonely). It's a far-away piece of ourselves. We feel that we are never ready by a long shot to utilise the energy. If one little thing goes wrong, we blow it out of proportion.

We are constantly searching for the meaning of an unaspected planet (if we have one). Often people choose a profession that uses the energy of their unaspected planet or they use the energy in their daily lives.

There are often feelings of insecurity and a longing for something (but we don't know what)! There is a feeling of something missing within, but again, what it is remains hidden.

At times, unaspected planets will present as extremes or they will be absent. The energy can't be forced. It is pure. We need to learn to relat