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Taurus - Connecting to the Natural World

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Taurus is known as the farmer of the zodiac. For hundreds, maybe thousands of years, people have used the moon as a way of sowing and reaping their crops. In these modern days, backyard gardeners can still use the moon to sow seeds, plant out seedlings and harvest our produce. We can also use the moon for weeding and pruning.

There are eight moon phases but to keep things simple for the backyard gardener, we can use the New Moon and Full Moon. We can be more general with the other phases, seeing them in terms of waxing and waning. Planting is best undertaken during a New Moon or at the very least, a waxing moon as the energy is building. (As the energy grows, so does the plant). However, we also need to take into account the sign that the moon is in. Signs are broken down into fertile, semi-fertile and barren signs. Below is the sign distribution -

  • Fertile Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

  • Semi-Fertile - Taurus, Capricorn, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

  • Barren - Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

If you wanted to plant seeds under an Aquarius New Moon, you would be better to wait until the moon moved into Pisces (the next sign) as it is waxing and in a fertile sign. A waning moon is a good time for weeding and pruning. The waning is any time from the Full Moon up until the New Moon.

Taurus is a sign that needs connection to the earth. We call this grounding. Anyone can do this and it's a wonderful way to be present. Walking barefoot on the grass is a simple way to ground yourself. It doesn't take long and the effects are immediate. Using certain essential oils in a diffuser may also have a grounding effect. Some of my favourites include - Cedarwood, Black Spruce and Young Living's Sacred Mountain. Taurus rules over the crystal realm. Crystals also have grounding properties. They include Jasper, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian and Smoky Quartz.

The Pagan Festivals of Beltane and Samhain also occur when the Sun is in the sign of Taurus. Beltane occurs in the Northern Hemisphere where spring is in full bloom, while Samhain occurs in the Southern Hemisphere at the end of Autumn. Both festivals represent the cycles of life (Beltane) and death (Samhain), which can also be seen in our gardens. In spring, everything is blooming, while in autumn there is less to grow and the soil lays fallow.

Taurus is a simple sign that teaches us to live by the cycles of nature. We can adapt these practices into our own life to increase ease and flow. By staying centred and grounded we can live a life of connection and peace.

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