Love in the Birth Chart

We all love differently and want different things from a relationship. The planet, Venus, in our chart can give us clues as to how we love and want to be loved.

Venus in Aries is honest and upfront. They like to get their own way. They are passionate and enthusiastic. Venus in this sign goes after what and who it wants. Dates for Venus in Aries include sporting matches, outdoor pursuits and large concerts.

Venus in Taurus likes to form close attachments. They are loyal, sensual and can be quite possessive. They like activities that indulge the senses, such as candlelit dinners, scented massages and romantic dinners. Finding a favourite restaurant and visiting it often is an enjoyable experience for these folk as they know they will have a good time.

Venus in Gemini has a strong love of variety. These people are very changeable. They aren't comfortable with deep connections or attachments. They like to keep things light. On a date, Venus in Gemini likes trying new things - these are not the people you can take to the same place on a regular basis. They are very sociable and love a good chat.