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Understanding the Taurus in Your Life

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Your Taurus parent is patient and understanding. These parents will teach their children the importance of slowing down and relaxing. They will embrace their sensuality and it's likely that candlelight dinners for the whole family are a common occurrence. They will have a love of nature which they will share with their kids. Taurus parents can be stubborn and won't change their mind easily. Once they make a decision, it's usually set in stone. These parents may run chronically late, which may cause issues for their children at times. They often have a sweet tooth and so treats can be a regular reward for the kids. Teaching their offspring to live their lives in accordance to the cycles of nature is a blessing these parents can bestow.

Your Taurus friends are the ones that always run late. Don't turn up early, as you'll be waiting twice as long! Despite this, they are loyal and steadfast. You can always count on a Taurus friends. Taurus friends have a love of security and will enjoy the comfort of routine. They will enjoy spending time at the same hangouts with you, as this makes them feel safe. Doing something new can send them into a spin! Although they can be quite fixed in their opinions, these same friends can assist you with following through on projects that you've commenced and might otherwise have abandoned.

Your Taurus partner will be sensual and hedonistic. They will enjoy taking you to restaurants for a candlelight dinner and amazing food. Desserts will be his or her favourite part of a meal, so don't ever order one between the two of you and expect an equal share! A couples massage will likely be a favourite activity. Your Taurus partner will be loyal and dependable. It may be hard to get him or her to try new things once routines have been established. Change is a dirty word to your Taurus partner. Take things slowly and introduce small and subtle changes. Your Taurus partner will be someone you can rely on and will be extremely loyal. Spending time in nature with a loved one will bring joy to his or her soul.

Your Taurus child will be stubborn from a young age and may have an issue with sharing. Toys may be seen as an extension of themselves. These children thrive on routine, as it makes them feel secure. Taurus children thrive in nature. They love the peace that being outside amongst the trees can bring. Playing in the earth is a fun activity for them. They love anything to do with the five senses and are incredibly tactile. Clothing that feels good will be favoured from a young age. Sleeping, eating and being comfortable are favourite Taurus children activities. Building is a Taurus activity, so lego and blocks may be fun toys for them to have. Giving them their own mini-greenhouse or a section of the garden will also be appreciated.

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