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Motherhood - What's Your Style? Using the Moon to Guide Us.

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

In a birth chart, the Moon describes our mother. To find our own mothering style, we need to look at the Moon by sign and house, as well as the fifth house in our chart and the asteroid Ceres. In this post we will be concentrating on the sign that your Moon falls in and how it can indicate your mothering style.

Mums that have the Moon in Aries are emotional warriors. They teach their children independence from a young age. They will be playful and like to show their kids a good time. Sport will be encouraged. These mums will like to spend time with their children outdoors. Every day will be an adventure. The Aries Moon mum may be competitive at times. She will always make sure her children are looked after, but her needs definitely come first. When she is happy, the kids are happy. It's important for a mum with an Aries Moon to take time for herself.

Mums that have the Moon in Taurus are the true earth mothers of the zodiac. They provide love and comfort for their little ones. They will have a love of nice things, so their children will be introduced to the idea of quality from a young age. This mum will also be very tactile and enjoy teaching her children through sensory experiences. These mums often have a strong connection to the earth and may spend many hours in the garden with their children. They will also be good savers, encouraging their children to put away their pennies for a rainy day. A Taurus Moon mum provides security and her children will always feel safe when she is around.

Mums with the Moon in Gemini like variety and change. These mums may not be too good with routine, preferring to go with the flow. They will, however, provide their little ones with lots of stimulation. They will enjoy taking their children on short trips, playing board games and generally doing anything that keeps them busy. Children want to relax for a while? No problem - the Gemini Moon mum will just pull out a good book. In fact, reading to her youngsters will be one of the things that they will love about her (and she will get just as caught up in the story as they do). Eternally young, the Gemini Moon mum really knows how to relate to her kids.

Mums that have the Moon in Cancer embrace the mother role completely. Their home and family mean everything to them. Nurturing others is what they do best. Nothing is too much trouble for a mum with a Cancer Moon. These mums will be very sensitive and very emotional. (They can also get moody at times). Warm and caring, these mums provide a strong sense of security for their children. Often they become the matriarch of the family - they're the ones that run the show at home.

Mums with the Moon in Leo like to feel special - and they like to make their kids feel special too. Often these mums have a creative streak, encouraging their children to paint, sing, dance etc. Craft can also be a favourite shared activity. These mums have the ability to be a bit dramatic at times, but they are also warm, loving and playful. Leo Moon mums will like to do things that are fun and that includes hanging out with the kids! After all, Leo Moon mums are big kids themselves at heart.

Mums with the Moon in Virgo have a strong perfectionist streak. They want to be the perfect mother. These mums have a need to be of service in some way. They will be very health conscious and will educate their children from a young age on the importance of good nutrition. These mums will like everything to be neat and orderly in the home, so her children will soon learn they need to tidy up after themselves if they don't want to incur the Virgo Moon mum's wrath! Mums with the Moon in Virgo also have a strong connection to nature and natural therapies. Her children will probably be encouraged to grow their own vegetables and will visit a herbalist rather than a doctor more often than not.

Mums with the Moon in Libra love to love. Having a child will be a romantic concept but the reality may be a little different! These mums like to feel connected to their children. They also like peace and quiet. Pleasant surroundings will keep Libra Moon mums emotionally calm. Moon in Libra mums like to do things with another, so having children around to spend time with will greatly satisfy this need. They will enjoy the social side of having children - meeting other mums at playgroup, becoming active at the local school. Mums with the Moon in Libra are diplomatic and fair.

Mums with the Moon in Scorpio are emotionally intense. Feeling in control is important to them. They are very protective of their children - sometimes a little too protective. These mums feel things very deeply, but they won't show their emotions easily. Having children can be a very transformational process for women with the Moon in Scorpio. These mums organise their little charges easily. Their kids feel safe because the Scorpio Moon mum has it all under control!

The Sagittarius Moon mum is just like a big sister to her children. She is not comfortable with rules and restrictions and sees life as a quest.Honestly is very important to her so heaven help her children if they are caught out in a lie. Warm and loving, this mum likes to do things with her kids for the sheer enjoyment of it. She will have strong beliefs which she will pass down onto her children. The Sagittarius Moon mum will encourage her children to be free-thinkers from a young age and won't mind answering the question 'why' as it's one of her own favourite questions!

The Capricorn Moon mum is a stickler for the rules. She is loving and caring but goes about her parenting in a very practical manner. She might have a career or her family may be her career. This woman can do it all. She is organised plus! The Capricorn Moon mum doesn't readily show her feelings, but she will show her love in practical little ways. Providing security for her children will be one of her biggest goals.

The Aquarius Moon mum is someone unique. She will be independent and a bit of a non-conformist. She will encourage her children to be the same. She will care greatly for humanity and will teach her children the importance of supporting those less fortunate. The Aquarius Moon mum doesn't parent by the rules - she will have her own individualistic way of raising children. She isn't the most affectionate of mums - in fact, at times this mum can be quite aloof. However, she will always be a friend to her children and will be there when they need her.

The Pisces Moon mum is compassionate and very sensitive. She will have a strong emotional connection to her children. Having no emotional boundaries, this is the mum who will feel her children's pain. She has a strong empathetic nature and will cry at the drop of a hat. She is also a very sentimental woman. Although she is full of love for her children, she can be disorganised at times. The Pisces Moon mum will encourage her children in the creative arts. She will probably also have a love of music which she will share with her children.

If you'd like to find out more about your mothering style, click on the link for a natal chart consultation.

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