Motherhood - What's Your Style? Using the Moon to Guide Us.

Updated: Jul 18

In a birth chart, the Moon describes our mother. To find our own mothering style, we need to look at the Moon by sign and house, as well as the fifth house in our chart and the asteroid Ceres. In this post we will be concentrating on the sign that your Moon falls in and how it can indicate your mothering style.

Mums that have the Moon in Aries are emotional warriors. They teach their children independence from a young age. They will be playful and like to show their kids a good time. Sport will be encouraged. These mums will like to spend time with their children outdoors. Every day will be an adventure. The Aries Moon mum may be competitive at times. She will always make sure her children are looked after, but her needs definitely come first. When she is happy, the kids are happy. It's important for a mum with an Aries Moon to take time for herself.

Mums that have the Moon in Taurus are the true earth mothers of the zodiac. They provide love and comfort for their little ones. They will have a love of nice things, so their children will be introduced to the idea of quality from a young age. This mum will also be very tactile and enjoy teaching her children through sensory experiences. These mums often have a strong connection to the earth and may spend many hours in the garden with their children. They will also be good savers, encouraging their children to put away their pennies for a rainy day. A Taurus Moon mum provides security and her children will always feel safe when she is around.