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The Perfect Present for her Sign

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

The Aries woman is the warrior of the zodiac. She has an adventurous spirit and so buying her an adventurous experience for Christmas should go down a treat. The colour red is her favourite, so a lipstick, or item of clothing in this colour will be appreciated. Aries women like to move their body so sports equipment and/or outfits may also a winner.

The Taurus woman is the earth goddess of the zodiac. She is incredibly tactile and appreciates clothes that feel good next to her skin. She has a sweet tooth, so a box of chocolate never goes astray. Scented candles, bath oil and a massage voucher all appeal to her sensual nature. Plants are also a much loved gift.

The Gemini woman has a strong thirst for learning, making books a much enjoyed gift. Magazine subscriptions and stationery are also winners. She has a strong need for connection with others, so a voucher for her favourite cafe may also be appreciated. Gemini is an air sign and has a love of variety, so a hot air balloon ride can be a wonderful surprise.

The Cancer woman is the nurturer of the zodiac. Pamper packs will go down very well with these women, as will a soft blanket to snuggle under. A family photo book will be a treasured gift. Cooking implements & condiments are also great present ideas for this sign. A voucher to her favourite restaurant will definitely be appreciated.

The Leo woman is the creative of the zodiac, so anything crafty should be well received. She has a love of drama, so tickets to the theatre or movies will also be a winner. Anything sparkly (from clothes to jewellery) will be appreciated as she loves some bling. Hair products never go astray, as good looking hair is important to her.

The Virgo woman is extremely practical. She has a strong connection to the natural world and so a mini garden (especially herbs) will go down well. Organic skin care or body products will also be well received. Virgo women love to make lists, so a planner and special pen will bring her much joy.

The Libra woman has a strong need for peace and beauty. Art can make a great present, as can a ticket to a sip-and-paint evening. Jewellery is a gift that is always enjoyed. Clothes that are soft and subtle are appreciated, as is perfume and make-up.

The Scorpio woman have an air of mystery about her. Lingerie is always a welcome gift. Mystery novels and puzzles may also be enjoyed. The colours red and black are Scorpio favourites, so clothing or shoes in these colours will be well received. Gifts to do with the occult, where she can dig deep into understanding herself are also seen as thoughtful.

The Sagittarius woman is the gypsy of the zodiac. She loves to travel and explore. A suitcase or overnight bag, therefore, makes a wonderful gift. Jeans are often a favourite article of clothing, so a new pair will go down well. Books to expand her mind are also a present she will appreciate. Scented candles will appeal to her connection to the element of fire.

The Capricorn woman is responsible and a true leader. Classical styled clothes make a great gift. A smart briefcase for work or a new handbag will be appreciated. Skin care products will appeal to this Saturn ruled woman. She will also enjoy a planner for the new year, where she can set out her goals and strategies to achieve them.

The Aquarius woman is quirky and has a strong sense of compassion for the underdog. A donation to her favourite cause will be a gift she truly appreciates. Electronic gadgets can also make great presents. Naming a star after her is something that will appeal to her cosmic heart. She has a strong affiliation to animals, so a pet may also be a treasured gift.

The Pisces woman is compassionate and intuitive. She loves to get lost in the fantasy realm, so movie tickets or a novel will both be gifts she will appreciate. Music cards or CD's will also be enjoyed. Scented candles, essential oils or incense sticks will appeal to her spiritual side. A foot care pack is also a wonderful gift, as Pisces rules over the feet.

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