The Perfect Present for her Sign

The Aries woman is the warrior of the zodiac. She has an adventurous spirit and so buying her an adventurous experience for Christmas should go down a treat. The colour red is her favourite, so a lipstick, or item of clothing in this colour will be appreciated. Aries women like to move their body so sports equipment and/or outfits may also a winner.

The Taurus woman is the earth goddess of the zodiac. She is incredibly tactile and appreciates clothes that feel good next to her skin. She has a sweet tooth, so a box of chocolate never goes astray. Scented candles, bath oil and a massage voucher all appeal to her sensual nature. Plants are also a much loved gift.

The Gemini woman has a strong thirst for learning, making books a much enjoyed gift. Magazine subscriptions and stationery are also winners. She has a strong need for connection with others, so a voucher for her favourite cafe may also be appreciated. Gemini is an air sign and has a love of variety, so a hot air balloon ride can be a wonderful surprise.

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