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Understanding the Virgos in Your Life

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

This month we explore the Virgo's in your life, in order to give you an understanding of these complex folk.

If one of your parents is a Virgo, chances are you will be held to high standards from a young age. They have high expectations of themselves and expect their children to have the same reach. Virgo parents will have a strong connection to the earth. Many will enjoy creating a vegetable and/or herb garden to supply the family with fresh, healthy produce. Even if they are unable to do this, they will most likely buy organic and cook nutritious meals. These parents will teach their children the importance of keeping a clean and tidy space from a young age, in order to foster a clear mind.

If your partner is a Virgo, he or she will show their love through being of service. They will have an unconscious desire to make your life easier. Taking walks in nature together will be soothing for them. Picnics outdoors will be an enjoyable activity. Virgo's have a strong connection to the material realm, like all the earth signs. Virgo partners, therefore, have the ability to be good financial providers. These people may also love to read and will enjoy exchanging ideas. They may be critical at times but remember this is their nature and they are far more critical of themselves than they are of others. He or she are likely to be a worrier, but this comes from concern for you and those they love.

Virgo children are often quite shy. They may be fussy eaters when young and prefer a more plant based diet. Bedtime stories will be enjoyed from a young age. Virgo children grow to be perfectionists and can be quite hard on themselves. Teaching them that they are perfect just as they are is important. They will enjoy learning and will strive to be the best they can. They may be disappointed if they don't do as well as they thought they should. Spending time in nature is good for these children, as is having a vegetable garden. Growing things and then eating them will be a joy. Growing herbs in pots for cooking is also a fun way to introduce them to the joys of nature.

Your Virgo friends are kind and caring but they have a critical side too. Try not to take too much to heart as they don't mean to hurt you. They have high expectations for their friends and are disappointed if they feel you've let them down. Spending time together in nature is when your Virgo's friends are most at peace. They may have a tendency to work too hard and so times spent together may be few and far between. Make the most of their company when you have it. If you go out for a meal, choose a restaurant or cafe that has a wide variety of vegetarian options, as these will appeal to your Virgo friend.

Your Virgo pet will love to spend time in nature. Your Virgo pet will like routine as it will make him or her feel safe. They won't like raised voices. Quiet time spent with their owners will be what these pets love the most. They may be fussy eaters and require a special diet. Gain a Virgo pet's trust and you will have a loyal friend for life.

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