Understanding the Virgos in Your Life

Updated: Feb 2

This month we explore the Virgo's in your life, in order to give you an understanding of these complex folk.

If one of your parents is a Virgo, chances are you will be held to high standards from a young age. They have high expectations of themselves and expect their children to have the same reach. Virgo parents will have a strong connection to the earth. Many will enjoy creating a vegetable and/or herb garden to supply the family with fresh, healthy produce. Even if they are unable to do this, they will most likely buy organic and cook nutritious meals. These parents will teach their children the importance of keeping a clean and tidy space from a young age, in order to foster a clear mind.

If your partner is a Virgo, he or she will show their love through being of service. They will have an unconscious desire to make your life easier. Taking walks in nature together will be soothing for them. Picnics outdoors will be an enjoyable activity. Virgo's have a strong connection to the material realm, like all the eart