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Understanding the Aries in Your Life

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is cardinal fire and is a natural leader. Below you will find the characteristics of your Aries friends, parents, children and partners.

Your Aries friends are passionate and enthusiastic. They are natural leaders and will usually be the ones who organise meet ups. They will enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. These friends often have a love of sports - playing and/or spectating. They are first to volunteer for a new adventure. Sometimes your Aries friends may come across as selfish, but this is because they are self-aware. These friends can teach you the importance of looking out for number one.

Your Aries parents will embrace parenthood with passion and enthusiasm. To them, it's a new adventure. They will share their love of the outdoors with their children from when they are young. These parents can be super competitive, so they need to be careful not to put this onto their children (especially on the sports field). Aries parents will take charge when it's needed and confidently sort out any issues their children may experience with ease. They will enjoy hanging out with their children, as it gives them permission to tap into their own inner child.

Your Aries partner is independent and will be attracted to those who share this quality too. They see love as another adventure to be enjoyed. They also love a challenge. The saying 'treat them mean and keep them keen' might well be written for an Aries partner. Compromise is a trait that they may be lacking. They have strong opinions and won't back down when challenged. Your Aries partner will, however, be confident and happy to take charge. Their enthusiasm for life will often be contagious, drawing you out of your comfort zone to live life to the fullest.

Your Aries child will be independent and assertive from a young age. They will be very self-aware, enthusiastic and confident. Your little Aries will like to be first and will enjoy attention. This child will be a natural leader and enjoy positions of responsibility. They will have a love of the outdoors and will enjoy sport. Your Aries child will have a competitive nature and will need to learn the art of losing gracefully, as this won't come naturally.

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