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Understanding the Cancers in Your Life

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

It's incredibly helpful to be aware of the Sun sign (or star sign) of the people around you as it gives you information about their true essence. This month we take a look at your Cancer friends and family.

If one of your parents is a Cancer Sun, their family will be their pride and joy. These are the mums and dads who love to spend time with their kids and extended family. They enjoy the connection. Cancer parents are very nurturing but need to be careful not to be over-protective and allow their children the freedom to grow.

If your partner has a Cancer Sun, get ready for lots of dinner dates and time at the beach. Family approval will be important. If your partner is male, be prepared to accept that you are never going to replace his mother as the number one woman in his life! Both male and female partners like to nurture their loved ones. Your Cancer partner may be moody at times. They need some time alone to reconnect with their inner voice. Don't take it personally - they will soon be as loving and attentive as ever.

Cancer children are loving and cuddly from a young age. They love their family and home is a favourite place to hang out. In fact, they may prefer home to going out. These children can be very tenacious, just like the crab holding on with its pincers.They can also be very emotional, so it's important both male and female Cancer children know it's ok to cry. Balls will be a favourite toy, as they are round like the moon. These children will love food, especially home cooking. In fact the appetite of a Cancer child can be a gauge of how they are feeling.

Your Cancer friends may be moody at times but they are also incredibly caring. Security is important to them, so if you want them to try something new make sure you point out the safety features first. Cancer friends are reliable and trustworthy. Home and family are important to your Cancer friends, so don't be surprised if they'd rather spend the night in. You may, however, tempt them with a night out if dining is on the menu as they will love a good feed. Embrace the solid friendship they bring to your life. These friends won't let you down. They are highly intuitive, so pay attention when they have something to say. If you're ever feeling down, these are the friends to call when you need a hug and a sympathetic ear.

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