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Understanding the Capricorns in Your Life

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. The Sun transits through the sign of Capricorn between December 21st to January 21st. Anyone born during this time will have the Sun in this sign. Below is a look at this sign as a friend, parent, partner and child.

Your Capricorn friends will be loyal and trustworthy. They will be the organisers, the ones who take charge. You don't need to worry when you go out with your Capricorn friends as everything will be taken care of. These friends have huge respect for the rules, however, so don't expect them to be easily lead astray. They are the friends who will keep themselves in check and make sure you get home okay.

Your Capricorn parents like to have rules for their children. This is because they believe that rules keep their children safe. Capricorn is an earth sign, so spending time in nature with their children is something they may like to do. Capricorns have a wonderfully dry sense of humour, which gives them the ability to make their children laugh often. As Capricorns are said to grow younger as they age, these parents will enjoy playing games with their kids as it allows their inner child to break free.

Capricorn partners like to take charge. Status is important to them and they like to impress. These partners like to be seen as the one who takes care of their partner, but in fact they secretly like to be nurtured. They are often attracted to those who will improve their social standing in some way. Capricorn partners are loyal and provide structure to their loved one's life. Commitment usually isn't an issue for these folk.

Capricorn children are the ones who feel safe with structure in their life. They are often high achievers and natural leaders. These children have a healthy respect for the rules. They are usually mature for their age and are often more comfortable in the company of older children and adults.

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