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Understanding the Leo's in Your Life

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

It's incredibly helpful to be aware of the Sun sign (or star sign) of the people around you as it gives you information about their true essence. This month we take a look at your Leo friends and family.

If one of your parents is a Leo Sun, family life will be fun with a capital F. These parents are warm, playful and act like big kids. Creating fun experiences for their children will be important to them. Leo parents can also be wonderful entertainers, who like nothing more than to throw a party. Themed events will be popular and they probably have a wonderful dress up box for the kids when they were growing up. They may also have the tendency to exaggerate, which may embarrass their kids at times. However, a Leo parent has a huge heart and a lot of love to share.

If your partner has a Leo Sun, he or she will most likely love the theatre or the movies. Dressing up and going out in style will thrill them. Sharing good times with you, their friends and anyone else who may want to come along, will be their idea of bliss. They may be a little dramatic at times, so make sure they are doing something creative on a regular basis in order to ensure the theatrics are kept to a minimum. If you have a Leo partner, make sure that you make them feel special and they will love you forever.

Leo children are warm and playful from a young age. They love to have fun. Little Leo's will be at their happiest when they are expressing themselves through a creative medium. This may be through art, craft, acting, singing, dancing or any number of other things. Praise their efforts and they will feel good inside. If your Leo child has done something wrong and needs a stern word, make sure they know it's their behaviour you don't like but you still love them - this ensures their sense of self-worth remains intact. Dress ups are often a fun activity for Leo children as it taps into their wonderfully creative imagination.

Your Leo friends may be dramatic at times, but they are also a lot of fun. They often like new experiences as they are always looking for any enjoyment life has to offer. They are creative and are happiest when they are expressing themselves in some way. Leo friends are extremely loyal and value true friendship. They will often find unique ways to show their friends how much they care. They always bring a sense of playfulness to whatever they do. There is a lightness of being with your Leo friends, as if they know their purpose is to spread love and kindness. Send a little kindness back to your Leo friend - it will be appreciated more than you'll ever know.

Your Leo pet will be extremely playful. He or she will thrive on attention. In fact, Leo pets will withdraw if they feel ignored. These pets need to be a valued member of the family for their own emotional health.

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