Understanding the Leo's in Your Life

Updated: Aug 1

It's incredibly helpful to be aware of the Sun sign (or star sign) of the people around you as it gives you information about their true essence. This month we take a look at your Leo friends and family.

If one of your parents is a Leo Sun, family life will be fun with a capital F. These parents are warm, playful and act like big kids. Creating fun experiences for their children will be important to them. Leo parents can also be wonderful entertainers, who like nothing more than to throw a party. Themed events will be popular and they probably have a wonderful dress up box for the kids when they were growing up. They may also have the tendency to exaggerate, which may embarrass their kids at times. However, a Leo parent has a huge heart and a lot of love to share.

If your partner has a Leo Sun, he or she will most likely love the theatre or the movies. Dressing up and going out in styl