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Understanding the Pisces in Your Life

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac.

Pisces is a mutable, water sign and like all water signs, is extremely sensitive and intuitive. Below you will find the characteristics of your Pisces friends, parents, partners and children.

Your Pisces friends love to feel connected. They are extremely emotional and have the ability to morph into whatever you need in a friend. They have a love of the mystical and may enjoy introducing you to the world of the occult. Presents for these friends include candles, incense, music and anything to do with the ocean.

Your Pisces parent isn't usually big on the rules. They would rather be a big brother or sister to their children. They have a strong motional connection with their kids and can often sense if something is wrong. They are deeply compassionate and will most likely share their love of the beach with their offspring. Music will also be something they will love to introduce their children to from a young age.

Your Pisces partner will be very sensitive to your needs. They are deeply compassionate and have a romantic soul. Dates spent at the beach or dinner at a restaurant overlooking the water will be favourites for this sign. They will like to feel connected to you and have the ability to convey this without the need for words. Your Pisces partner has the ability to be flexible but may find it hard to commit at times due to his or her mutable nature.

Your Pisces child is very sensitive. Tears may flow freely at times. These children are often insightful and may become overwhelmed by crowds of people. Spending time in or around water will soothe him or her. Connecting with others will be important, as will time out in the natural world. Teaching your Pisces child to meditate from a young age can be very beneficial.

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