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Understanding the Scorpio's in Your Life

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

If one of your parents is a Scorpio, be prepared for them to try and control your life. These parents are extremely protective of their children and have a hard time letting them go. Their emotions will run deep but won't be seen easily. These are the parents who can communicate with their children purely by looking at them - the message will be seen and received clearly. Scorpio parents will often be aware of any issues their children may be having, through an inner knowing. They keep secrets well and so make good confidants when their children are older.

If your partner is a Scorpio, he or she will be extremely loyal. They may appear controlling at times, but this is usually out of a sense of protection. Scorpio's are often highly sexed, so be prepared to show your love through a deep connection that goes beyond the physical. Scorpio partners want to see into your very soul. Their eyes can be extremely expressive. Scorpio is a water sign, so spending time together at the beach will be soothing for them. They will also love deep and meaningful conversation. This sign is not a lighthearted one and won't enjoy superficial experiences - it's intensity all the way. If you betray your Scorpio partner, don't expect them to forgive or forget, as it's not going to happen!

Scorpio children are usually quiet and secretive. They feel things very deeply. A diary with a lock on it would make a wonderful present. These children approach everything in life with an intensity that other signs just don't understand. They have a strong focus and good concentration. Scorpio children also have a very good memory. These children can be very black and white, either liking something or not - there is rarely any middle ground. Mysteries and delving into the unknown can fascinate them. Scorpio children are extremely loyal but will cut a friend for life if he or she ever wrongs them. Subtle manipulation is something these children are very good at, so be warned!

Your Scorpio friends are the ones to turn to when you need deep and meaningful conversation. They like to mull things over until they can come up with an answer. They are loyal to a fault and expect the same in return. They find it hard to trust others and don't share secrets easily. They are excellent, however, at keeping the secrets of others. In fact for a Scorpio friend, knowledge is power. If you cross a Scorpio friend any knowledge may be held against you, so think twice before doing so. A Scorpio friend will enjoy a challenge and may be quite competitive. He or she will feel things very deeply and guards his or her heart against hurt. Despite seeming tough on the outside, on the inside there lies a softness waiting to be shared with the truest of friends.

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