Your Guardian Angel

We all have our own guardian angel, but did you know that each sign has a special angel assigned to it as well?

Aries - The angel affiliated with Aries is Machidiel. Machidiel can be called on to help Aries stand in their personal power and boost self-confidence. Michidiel is also the angel to call upon for the releasing of anger, taking the right action and finding your passion in life.

Taurus - Tual is the angel affiliated with Taurus. Tual can help Taurus to find that special connection they have with Mother Earth. Tual also encourages living a simple life. Call on Tual to bring peace, calmness, security and stability into your life.

Gemini - The angel affiliated with Gemini is Ambriel. Ambriel can clear an overactive mind, which will revitalise depleted energy reserves - Gemini's use up a lot of mental energy! Call on Ambriel to bring mental clarity and strength into your life. Ambriel also helps with communication and speaking your truth.