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Your Guardian Angel

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

We all have our own guardian angel, but did you know that each sign has a special angel assigned to it as well?

Aries - The angel affiliated with Aries is Machidiel. Machidiel can be called on to help Aries stand in their personal power and boost self-confidence. Michidiel is also the angel to call upon for the releasing of anger, taking the right action and finding your passion in life.

Taurus - Tual is the angel affiliated with Taurus. Tual can help Taurus to find that special connection they have with Mother Earth. Tual also encourages living a simple life. Call on Tual to bring peace, calmness, security and stability into your life.

Gemini - The angel affiliated with Gemini is Ambriel. Ambriel can clear an overactive mind, which will revitalise depleted energy reserves - Gemini's use up a lot of mental energy! Call on Ambriel to bring mental clarity and strength into your life. Ambriel also helps with communication and speaking your truth.

Cancer - Muriel is the angel that is affiliated with Cancer. Muriel brings inner peace and helps to calm emotions. Muriel can also bring the confidence to speak up and the ability to be self-reliant. Muriel can also assist with self-possession and the cleansing of any past hurts.

Leo - Verchiel is the angel affiliated with Leo. Verchiel can help Leo's to find their inner lion and to tap into their creative spirit. Verchiel can also help with issues of self-doubt. Call on Verchiel to bring out leadership skills and confidence.

Virgo - The angel affiliated with Virgo is Hamaliel. Hamaliel puts Virgo in touch with their ability to tap into their body wisdom. Hamaliel helps Virgo's to be conscientious and thorough. Call on Hamaliel to convey information about natural healing. Call on Hamaliel to connect with vitality and well-being.

Libra - The angel affiliated with Libra is Zuriel. Zuriel can bring balance and love. Call on Zuriel for assistance with decision making and to create harmony. Zuriel can also help with integration and finding the beauty in life.

Scorpio - The angel affiliated with Scorpio is Barakiel. Barakiel can help with making the right choices in life. Barakiel can also help with the development of psychic abilities. Call on Barakiel to help realise your true potential and to cultivate astuteness.

Sagittarius - Adnachiel is the angel of Sagittarius. Adnachiel brings optimism, freedom and the power of vision. Adnachiel will help you aim that bow and shoot for the stars! Call on Adnachiel for help with potential blocks in life and to expand your horizons.

Capricorn - Nadiel is the angel of Capricorn. Nadiel helps bring determination and drive. Nadiel can help Capricorn achieve in life. Call on Nadiel when you need inner strength and wisdom. Nadiel can also assist with staying power, when life gets challenging.

Aquarius - The angel affiliated with Aquarius is Cambiel. Cambiel will help Aquarius to be true to his/her ideals. Call on Cambiel for to maintain the deep connection you feel with humanity. Cambiel can also encourage integrity and empathy, as well as stying true to your principles.

Pisces - The angel affiliated with Pisces is also Barakiel. Pisces shares this angel with Scorpio. Barakiel can help Pisces with issues of sensitivity. Barakiel can also bring calmness and a sense of clarity. Call upon Barakiel to help you get in touch with your creative imagination and inspiration.

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